Nurturing Mental Well-being: Support Strategies for Your NDIS Journey

Embarking on an NDIS journey brings forth an array of emotions, challenges, and opportunities. While the focus is often on physical health and obtaining the right healthcare services, it is vital to acknowledge the influence of mental well-being throughout this process. 

At Kismet, we believe that nurturing your mental well-being is an essential component of a successful journey with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). By acknowledging and addressing emotional challenges, individuals can better access and benefit from the support offered by the NDIS, ultimately contributing to a more fulfilling healthcare experience.

Maintaining mental well-being during your NDIS journey requires recognising emotional or cognitive challenges, seeking emotional support, and adapting to changing needs. Across the various stages of your journey, from planning, goal setting, engaging with NDIS providers, through to implementing your individualised plan, your mental well-being should remain an integral, valued aspect of your overall healthcare focus.

In this blog series, we will highlight key strategies for nurturing mental well-being throughout your NDIS journey, spanning from self-care practices, practical tips for managing stress, and techniques for fostering emotional resilience to connecting with valuable mental health resources.

With Kismet as your dedicated partner in finding healthcare support and NDIS providers, let us guide and empower you in safeguarding your mental well-being and flourishing in all aspects of your NDIS journey. Benefit from our insights and experience to bolster your emotional health and develop resilience during this multifaceted process. Together, we can embrace the potential of a well-rounded and balanced healthcare experience that values mental well-being as an integral component of your NDIS journey.

Embracing Self-Care Practices

Incorporating self-care practices into your daily routine is essential to maintaining mental well-being throughout your NDIS journey. These practices involve engaging in activities that prioritise your physical, emotional, and mental health while also providing you with moments of relaxation, self-reflection, and enjoyment. Consider the following self-care practices to help nurture your mental well-being:

1. Establish a daily routine: Creating a structured daily routine can provide stability, predictability, and a sense of control, all of which contribute to positive mental health.

2. Prioritise physical activity: Engaging in regular physical activity can boost mood, help manage stress, and improve overall mental well-being. Choose activities that are enjoyable and aligned with your abilities.

3. Practise relaxation techniques: Incorporate relaxation exercises, such as deep breathing, mindfulness, or progressive muscle relaxation, to help reduce stress and cultivate emotional resilience.

4. Foster nourishing connections: Surround yourself with supportive, understanding individuals who can provide encouragement, empathy, and a listening ear.

Managing Stress and Anxiety

Experiencing stress and anxiety during the NDIS journey is a natural response to the many changes, decisions, and expectations that arise. Effective stress management is key to maintaining mental well-being and ensuring a smooth journey. Consider the following tips for managing stress and anxiety during your NDIS journey:

1. Recognise your stressors: Identifying the specific elements causing you stress or anxiety will allow you to develop targeted strategies to cope with these challenges.

2. Break tasks into manageable steps: Avoid feeling overwhelmed by breaking tasks into smaller, manageable steps. This approach can promote a sense of accomplishment and make seemingly daunting tasks more approachable.

3. Seek guidance: Reach out to your healthcare providers, support workers, or NDIS providers for advice, insights, or encouragement to help you navigate the challenges associated with your journey.

4. Practise acceptance: Accept that there may be bumps in the road as you navigate your NDIS journey. Practise self-compassion and view setbacks as opportunities for growth and learning.

Fostering Emotional Resilience

Developing emotional resilience equips you with the ability to adapt to challenges and maintain a sense of well-being in the face of adversity. Strengthening your emotional resilience can significantly bolster your mental health during your NDIS journey. Consider the following strategies to build emotional resilience:

1. Cultivate a solution-focused mindset: Practise problem-solving by focusing on identifying and implementing constructive solutions instead of dwelling on the problem itself.

2. Embrace change: Adopt a flexible mindset that enables you to better adapt to unexpected circumstances and adjust to shifting needs.

3. Develop a support network: A strong support network is invaluable in providing guidance, encouragement, and a sense of belonging during your NDIS journey.

4. Practise gratitude: Regularly reflecting on the positive aspects of your life can increase emotional resilience and foster a more optimistic outlook.

Connecting with Mental Health Resources

Accessing appropriate mental health resources can provide additional support and guidance throughout your NDIS journey. A wide array of services is available to cater to your unique needs and challenges. Explore the following mental health resources:

1. Mental health professionals: Engage with mental health professionals, such as psychologists, counsellors, or social workers, for tailored support and strategies to manage mental well-being.

2. Peer support groups: Joining peer support groups, both online and in-person, can provide a sense of connection, understanding, and shared experiences.

3. Mental health organisations: Reach out to mental health organisations for resources, education, and support tailored towards maintaining or improving mental well-being.

4. Access NDIS mental health support: If eligible, the NDIS may provide funding for mental health support tailored to your individual needs.


Nurturing mental well-being is an essential aspect of your NDIS journey, and adopting effective support strategies can contribute to a balanced, fulfilling healthcare experience. By embracing self-care practices, managing stress and anxiety, fostering emotional resilience, and connecting with mental health resources, you can protect and enhance your mental health throughout your NDIS journey.

At Kismet, we are committed to helping you find the NDIS best providers and healthcare services that genuinely support you in every aspect of your journey. Trust our expertise to guide you in nurturing your mental well-being and thriving through your NDIS experience, enabling you to lead a resilient, enriched life.

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