NDIS Services You Can Access through a Support Coordinator

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides finances for people with disability to access necessary support and services to help them live independently. This scheme helps people with disability access the support they need to build their skills and capabilities to participate in the community and reach their goals. It also helps people with disability access the right support to ensure they can live a safe and healthy life.

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is a government organisation that provides financial support to people with disabilities. They assess the needs of individuals and create individualised plans to ensure they receive the support they need. The plans are tailored to the participant's needs and are designed to help them reach their goals. Here are the kind of services you can get when discussing with a support coordinator:

The Basic Overview of Educational Support

The NDIS will not alter any educational services and assistance available to children with disability in South Australian public schools. The Department for Education will persist in providing customised support to students with disability to guarantee they have equal access to education as any other student.

The NDIS provides financial assistance to cover expenses related to everyday life while a student is studying at school. These include:

  • Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI).
  • Transportation to and from school.
  • Personal care at school, like mobility, eating, and toilet help.
  • Post-school transition.


ECEI is a program that provides families of children aged 0-6 years with resources and support to help their child reach their full potential. It includes identifying the child's needs and strengths, providing information and resources to families, and linking them with services and support in the community. The aim is to help the child reach their milestones and develop the skills they need to succeed.

Through the ECEI approach, an NDIS partner evaluates a child's needs. This can then be followed up with support from preschools and playgroups to help the child build the skills they need to participate in daily activities. This early intervention can help to prevent the need for further long-term assistance.


To be eligible for the department's transport help program, individuals must meet the NDIS 'reasonable and necessary' standards as confirmed by their support coordinator.

Families should contact the NDIS to determine eligibility for services before contacting a school or preschool.

After examining the circumstances, the department will decide which type of transportation aid is most suitable (taxi, bus, or car allowance).

Personal Care

Personal care assistance for students at school is funded either through the NDIS or the school's reasonable adjustment obligations. If a student has an existing NDIS plan with personal care, this support is not required while attending an Education department setting.

Post-School Transition

School Leaver Employment Support (SLES) is an NDIS-funded program to help students transition from school to employment. SLES provides additional support to existing school supports to help students, who have a goal of open employment, become ready for work within two years. This support is a reasonable and necessary alternative to Disability Employment Services (DES).

Families and students should discuss school transition planning with the NDIA during their NDIS plan review. This is particularly crucial for those who have finished their final year of schooling, as they may need to request a plan review to consider post-school support options.

In Closing

For full disclosure on their other services, always speak with an NDIS representative to fully maximise your benefits.

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