Helpful Advice on How to Maximise Your NDIS Benefits

The NDIS is an important source of support for people with disability and their families. It is vital to ensure that you are taking full advantage of the opportunities it provides. 

Australia has been implementing the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) since it was established in 2013 to make it more equitable for persons with disabilities to obtain assistance. It ought to be accessible in all American cities and rural areas by the year 2020.

People still go to the NDIS with numerous questions, including who is eligible, what sorts of costs are covered, and how financing is obtained.

Check out some of the crucial information you require so that you can benefit the most from the programme.

Determine Your Eligibility

You must first determine whether the NDIS is offered in your area to be eligible for it. Australia’s vast majority is now covered. On this map, you can see if it is nearby where you are.

Make sure you meet these eligibility requirements now that you are aware of whether you can use the NDIS where you reside. You have to be the following:

  • The age range of 7 to 65
  • Live in Australia and are an Australian resident

Having a persistent or severe handicap or needing support now can lower your likelihood of receiving support in the future.

Call the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) at 1800 800 110 if you’re unsure if you or a family member qualifies for the NDIS. You must communicate with them at some point because they are the organisation you will contact initially when applying for the NDIS.

Make Enquiries

Numerous assistance, services, and items for people with disabilities are covered by the NDIS. It gives cash to support actions you take to raise your standard of living, increase your independence, and realise your objectives. 

This might be done to assist you in locating employment, locating housing, or participating in neighbourhood activities. There are numerous forms of assistance.

You are better equipped to use the NDIS to your advantage the more you are aware of what is possible with it. The NDIS website is a great location to get started.

Be Genuine

The fact that you are eligible for NDIS funding until age 65 does not require that your plan remain unchanged during that time. 

You might discover that your objectives have changed, or perhaps great therapy has helped you become less dependent on a service or assistance. Therefore, it makes sense to examine your plan at least every year.

Improve Your NDIS Plan

Your NDIS plan, which is created at a planning meeting, is a key part of the NDIS. This plan outlines the support you’ll get to help you reach your goals and is focused on you and your own objectives. How you will accomplish your objectives and how you will receive support are the two aspects of your strategy.

Getting the proper funding for the services you desire depends on planning and understanding your goals. An NDIS planner will meet with you, and making a plan that is ideal for you is their responsibility.


It’s necessary to take your time to understand the NDIS rules and regulations, understand your individual needs and goals, and shop around for the best services and supports that will meet your needs. 

Additionally, remember to keep accurate records of your NDIS spending and to keep a close eye on your plan budget. By following this helpful advice, you can make sure that your NDIS plan is working for you.

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