Everything You Need to Know About NDIS Plan Management

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a new way of providing support for Australians with disability, their families, and carers. The NDIS will give people with disability more choice and control over the services they receive. It is important to understand how NDIS plan management works in order to make the most of the scheme. This article will provide an overview of how NDIS plan management works.

NDIS Management

It can be daunting and time-consuming to manage your NDIS plan on your own. This is what NDIS management is for. 

NDIS plan management gives you the freedom to choose and control your plan funding while having a Plan Manager take care of all the administrative and financial aspects of your plan.

Plan Management

Plan management refers to the service provided by a registered NDIS Plan Manager. Navigating your NDIS plan, engaging with health providers, and monitoring your funding become easier with a plan manager.

It will be you who gets to choose which service providers you want to deliver the support you need, and they will be able to receive their payment from your Plan Manager. The budget for your plan will also be monitored and maximized according to what you need, which means you no longer have to worry about tracking the records of your expenses. 

Is Plan Management Right for Me?

Maybe you’re having second thoughts about availing the NDIS Plan Management. If any of the following is applicable to you, it’s a good sign that Plan Management is the right direction:

・ You want to buy support from non-NDIS registered providers such as local cleaners, individual support workers who aren’t part of community organisations, lawn mowing services, or therapists.

・ You like the freedom and control that comes with being self-managed but do not like the administrative obligations it tags along.

・ You need someone to assist you with finding the right disability support services, setting up agreements, tracking goals, etc. 

Adding NDIS Management to Your Plan

Once you’ve decided to add NDIS management to your plan, what you need is funding for a Plan Manager. 

During the planning meeting to discuss your support needs and goals, you can request for NDIS management to be added to your plan. 

If your current plan doesn’t have NDIS management, you can contact your Local Area Coordinator or Support Coordinator to request a review. They will guide you through the process of integrating NDIS management into your plan.

Choosing A Plan Manager

When choosing a Plan Manager, you need to make sure it’s someone trustworthy and reliable, considering they will mostly be responsible for your funding and helping you get the most out of your NDIS plan. 

You can ask your support network, Support Coordinator, or LAC for recommendations and ask them to share their experiences with Plan Managers. You can also visit Kismet to find reliable support near you. 

Plan Managers play a significant role in managing and overseeing your NDIS plan. It’s important to choose a Plan Manager who knows what they’re doing. Your Plan Manager should communicate with your service providers on your behalf. They also handle the financial and budgeting arrangements of your NDIS plan. Every time there are issues or concerns with your funding or with your current health providers, your Plan Manager will help you manage and resolve those problems.

Most importantly, you need to outline your expectations with your Plan Manager. Signing a Service Agreement proves that you agree with the services that your Plan Manager provides as well as the terms that come with it. The Agreement should also include how you can raise a complaint against your Plan Manager and how you can withdraw from it if you ever wish to.

How to Know You Chose The Right Plan Manager

You have chosen the right plan manager if:

・ They have a fast turnaround of invoices, so the providers are paid quickly

・ They have a digital platform that’s available 24/7 where you can review your payments, claims, and service agreements.

・ Their network of providers is extensive.

・ They’re able to help you connect with any support in your area 

・ They contribute ideas for the type of goals you can request in your NDIS plan and help you achieve them.

・ They help you make the most out of your NDIS budget. 

Looking for an NDIS Provider? Kismet can help you find the best health service or NDIS provider to support your journey.