Embracing Technology: A Guide to Digital Tools for NDIS Participants

Navigating the world of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) can be both empowering and challenging for participants. With access to various personalised supports, services, and providers, the opportunities for personal growth and development are boundless. In an increasingly connected, digital age, technology can play a significant role in facilitating a smoother, more efficient NDIS journey. At Kismet Healthcare, we understand the transformative potential that technology holds for NDIS participants, and we're dedicated to empowering you with the tools, resources, and knowledge you need to make the most of your NDIS experience.

As an NDIS participant, embracing technology can empower you by streamlining communication, enhancing organisation, promoting independence, and even fostering social connections. From smartphone applications and wearable devices to telehealth services and digital organisational tools, the range of available options can cater to your unique needs, preferences, and challenges. The right technology can support your NDIS goals, help manage your plan, and maximise your engagement with the scheme, ensuring that you derive the full benefits it offers.

In this blog post, we will explore the myriad digital tools and technologies designed to support NDIS participants across various aspects of their journey. We aim to provide insight into practical applications of these tools, their potential benefits, and guidance on selecting the best options for your unique circumstances. Whether you are in the early stages of NDIS planning or well underway in your journey, our comprehensive guide to digital tools will empower you with valuable resources to enhance your experience and foster greater independence.

Navigating the NDIS with Smartphone Applications

Smartphone applications have become integral to daily life for many, and NDIS participants can benefit significantly from various applications designed to streamline the management of their plans and supports. The following are noteworthy examples of smartphone applications that may assist NDIS participants:

1. NDIS Plan Management Apps: Several dedicated applications help manage your NDIS plan, track your budget, and coordinate different supports and services. Examples include My Spending Planner and My Plan Manager.

2. Health and Wellness Apps: Health tracking apps can record valuable health data, set exercise reminders, and monitor medication intake. Examples include MyFitnessPal, My Health Diary, and Medisafe.

3. Communication Assistance Apps: Communication-focused apps help enhance accessible interaction, particularly for individuals with speech or language challenges. Examples include Proloquo2Go, Verbally, and Speak For Yourself.

4. Accessibility-Focused Apps: Various apps specifically address diverse accessibility needs, supporting people with visual, hearing, or mobility impairments. Examples include Be My Eyes, Ava, and Assistive Touch.

Wearable Devices Empowering NDIS Participants

In addition to smartphone applications, wearable devices can also provide valuable support for NDIS participants. These devices often unite convenience, functionality, and easy access to essential features. Some highly regarded wearable devices that can benefit NDIS participants include:

1. Health Trackers: Devices such as Fitbit and Apple Watch can monitor activity levels, heart rate, sleep quality, and other vital health information, encouraging participants to engage with their wellbeing.

2. GPS Safety Devices: For individuals with a higher risk of losing their way or facing emergencies, wearable GPS devices, such as the GPS SmartSole or AngelSense, can send real-time location data to designated caregivers.

3. Assistive Technologies: Wearable devices like OrCam MyEye 2, SubPac, or Sunu Band offer solutions specific to the vision, hearing, or mobility challenges that NDIS participants may face.

Telehealth: Accessing Healthcare Services from Home

Telehealth has accelerated in recent times, driven partially by the global pandemic. Telehealth services provide a means to access essential healthcare services without the need to physically attend healthcare facilities. NDIS participants can utilise telehealth to maintain their healthcare needs, through the following avenues:

1. Virtual Consultations: Video-based consultations allow healthcare providers, such as general practitioners, specialists, or mental health professionals, to deliver care from a distance, bolstering accessibility and convenience.

2. Remote Monitoring: Telehealth can facilitate remote monitoring of health conditions, allowing healthcare professionals to access necessary data and make informed decisions about treatment plans.

3. Online Support Groups: Telehealth extends to virtual support groups, providing NDIS participants with opportunities to connect with peers, share experiences, and exchange insights relating to the NDIS journey.

Digital Organisational Tools to Support Your Journey

Maintaining organisation is vital for optimising your NDIS journey. Fortunately, an array of digital organisational tools can streamline the management of schedules, appointments, and tasks. NDIS participants can embrace these digital tools to facilitate organisation:

1. Online Calendars: Tools like Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, or Apple Calendar can provide a centralised platform for scheduling appointments, setting reminders, and synchronising across multiple devices.

2. Task Management Apps: Applications such as Todoist, Microsoft To Do, or Trello allow NDIS participants to create task lists, set due dates, and organise activities according to priority or category.

3. Document Management Platforms: Cloud-based services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive enable NDIS participants to store, organise, and access essential documents and resources from any location.


Embracing technology can have a transformative impact on the NDIS journey for participants. By utilising smartphone applications, wearable devices, telehealth services, and digital organisational tools, individuals can better manage their supports, services, and overall health, enabling them to make the most of the NDIS to achieve greater independence and an enhanced quality of life.

Kismet Healthcare is committed to championing your NDIS journey by connecting you with providers and services that genuinely cater to your unique aspirations and needs. Trust our expertise to support you in embracing the world of digital tools and technologies. Together, we'll ensure your NDIS experience is empowering, connected, and ripe with opportunities for personal growth and development.

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