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Physio Inq is your premium partner for all your Physiotherapy & Allied Healthcare requirements throughout Australia. Offering our services in your home, in clinic or online.

We have a committed team of experienced mobile and in-home Allied Healthcare therapists throughout Australia to help serve you. We become part of your support network and will give you the tools to manage your health and get the most out of life. You‘ve heard it before; your health is your number one investment.

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  • Exercise Physiology

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Physiotherapy

  • Speech Therapy

Ratings & Reviews

Anna Mearns
April 16, 2024Google Review

Hannah cared for me around my first delivery and she was excellent - warm, professional, personable, and highly knowledgeable. My initial aim was to be supported to return to running post delivery, however the benefits and expertise offered were far more wide reaching and impactful than this. Would recommend to all women perinatally.

Physio InqApril 16, 2024

Hi Anna, thank you for your lovely review of Hannah! We are so pleased that she was able to support you throughout your perinatal journey.

Scott Pavy
April 12, 2024Google Review
March 19, 2024Google Review

Ricki has helped me get back to my normal activities after a shoulder injury. She explained the reasoning behind everything we did and adapted my exercises based on how my body was responding. Over the past year I have become stronger and have learnt so much about how to look after my body.

Physio InqMarch 20, 2024

Thanks Marnie! We appreciate you taking the time to write such a glowing review of Ricki!

sinead burke
March 18, 2024Google Review

Rhiannon is amazing. So compassionate, knowledge and a good laugh too, reception are extremely accomodating and friendly, including when you need to drag small kids along!

Thankyou team your the best

A. R.
March 16, 2024Google Review

I had an absolutely fantastic experience at Physio Inq Marrickville, where I was originally referred to by my GP.

The clinic is conveniently located near Marrickville station.

I was lucky to have Hannah as my therapist. Her outstanding professionalism, expertise and a wealth of knowledge helped me to achieve full recovery from an old lower back injury and allowed me to finally return to doing all the things I love, including martial arts.

It is really life changing to not suffer from back pain anymore!

I highly recommend Physio Inq Marrickville and Hannah’s services. An absolute gem of a practice in the Inner West.

Thank you so much!

Physio InqMarch 17, 2024

Thank you for such a lovely review of our physio clinic and physio Hannah!

We really appreciate you taking the time and we are thrilled that you had such a positive experience!

L 98
March 03, 2024Google Review

I’m Greatful for the treatment I recieved from Physio Inq

I visited Physio Inq in January after I had suffered a partial tear to my rotator cuff while in Krav Maga training. Hannah was clear about the injury , what to do to treat it and provided me with a clear and easy program and was supportive throughout the treatment and I can’t recommend her enough.

In the future, If I ever need to go somewhere for treatment it will be with Physio Inq Marrickville!

Physio InqMarch 04, 2024

Thank you for your lovely review! We are glad to hear Hannah was able to help you with your shoulder injury - she is a great physio!

John Cook
February 14, 2024Google Review

I highly recommend this practice. I recently had an injury treated by Ricki, who diagnosed my problem quickly and was extremely professional and caring. Thankyou also to Phoebe and Hannah for treating my previous injuries in a similar manner..! 5 stars

Physio InqFebruary 16, 2024

Thanks, John, for a lovely review! I'm glad you've had a great experience with all of the physios at the clinic!

Kate Leary
February 09, 2024Google Review

I wanted to see a women’s health physio after the birth of my baby to help me in my postpartum recovery, and found Hannah through my Pilates studio.

She is amazing!

She has an incredibly warm and gentle approach, and is so friendly and personable. She always made me feel safe and supported, and helped me rebuild confidence back into my body.

After only 3 consultations with her, she ticked me off to return to normal exercise which was my main goal in my recovery.

She is a wealth of knowledge in many areas of the postpartum journey - she even helped me cure a bout of mastitis!

I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Physio InqFebruary 12, 2024

Thanks, Kate, for your glowing review of Hannah! We're so pleased you've had a great experience at Physio Inq Marrickville!

Jake Hughes
February 04, 2024Google Review

Very happy with the rehab I did with Hannah for a knee injury, really knew her stuff. Happy with how accommodating the clinic was when it came to booking/moving appointments.

Physio InqFebruary 05, 2024

Thanks Jake for a great review!

Van Nguyen
January 26, 2024Google Review

I write this review on behalf of my wife, Thi who is treated by Phoebe and Hannah for her chronic lower back pain. 2 years ago, Thi was diagnosed with Right L4/5 lumbar compression and underwent decompression surgery which relieve the pain for about a year. Unfortunately, the pain came back and after revisiting our Surgeon she was told that further surgery is not recommended and she should seek physiotherapy. Lucky for us, we were able to secure an appointment with Phoebe and Thi has been looked after by Phoebe until she went on to maternity leave. Hannah then took over and complete the treatment for Thi. We've been visiting Physio Inq for the last twelve months. My wife is now pain free for the last two months. We're so grateful for the skills and professionalism of the two ladies and their empathy. My wife has a mental health condition called Borderline Personality Disorder so she can be very moody at times. However, with good communication skills, Phoebe and Hannah have made my wife visits enjoyable for her. Their advice, treatment and excercise program are trusted completely by Thi and she religiously follows. The results were clear! Thi is now pain free and stronger physically and mentally. I would recommend Physio Inq for other who has the same problems as my wife, and I wish Phoebe and Hannah further success in helping others. Van on behalf of Thi

Physio InqJanuary 30, 2024

Thank you, Van and Thi, for such a thoughtful and kind review. It has been such a pleasure to treat Thi!

Angela Sutton
January 18, 2024Google Review

I've worked with Ricki for a calf injury and Hannah for a shoulder injury. Both are professional, kind and knowledgeable.

Physio InqJanuary 23, 2024

Thank you for a lovely review of both Hannah and Ricki! We are glad you have had a great experience at Physio Inq Marrickville!

November 16, 2023Google Review

Matt was great, very thorough and worked with me to help understand my injury. New location is clean and easy to find

Muhammad Khattab
September 14, 2023Google Review

Reception staff are always amazing and Andrew, the masseur, is doing great job

Physio InqSeptember 16, 2023

Thanks Muhammad! We appreciate the great feedback and 100% agree - we think Andrew is a fantastic Remedial Massage Therapist!

Oliver Creighton
September 13, 2023Google Review

I found Physio Inq randomly on google. They have an amazing owner who treats everyone who walks in with the utmost care. The physio who looked after me (Hannah C) can be described as many things: diligent, kind, knowledgeable and makes a huge effort to follow up with your progress.

5stars all around!

Physio InqSeptember 19, 2023

Thank you Oliver, for such a great review! We are pleased to hear you had a good experience with us!

September 10, 2023Google Review

Receptionist is a very lovely woman and physio is thurrer good at her job and very pretty

Physio InqSeptember 19, 2023

Thank you for your review, Adrian 😊

David Daly
September 07, 2023Google Review

Cathy is great! I’ve been to many Physiotherapist over the years but when I went to Cathy, I really noticed a difference. I’ve moved to the hills but I still make the trip to manning for Cathy to assist me in my physiotherapy needs.

Physio InqSeptember 16, 2023

Thanks David - always a pleasure to catch up with you too, and glad to help!

Jackeline Gartrell
August 29, 2023Google Review
Physio InqSeptember 06, 2023

Thanks Jackie =)

Elizabeth O'Keefe
August 21, 2023Google Review

I was referred here by a friend, and I am so thankful for the recommendation. I came is with severe lower back pain, I could hardly walk! After just one session with Ricki the pain relief was unbelievable, I can’t wait to continue my treatment here. Ricki made me feel heard and that my pain was valid. I cannot express how please I am with my visit here. Thank you :)

Physio InqAugust 21, 2023

Thank you Elizabeth. We are so glad that you had a good experience at Physio Inq Marrickville! Ricki is a great physio!

Shawn Zammit
July 23, 2023Google Review

Went to Physio Inq at Marrickvelle with a bad neck injury. I saw Ricki for a few months and she transformed me back to my normal self. Very friendly, very professional and only too happy to explain what was going on and also why. Happy customer, Physio Inq is highly recommended.

Physio InqJuly 24, 2023

Thanks Shawn for your review! We are so pleased your neck has improved. Ricki is a great physio!

Beth c
July 04, 2023Google Review

Went by this morning for an initial consultation and the team there were lovely. My therapist provided a througher exam and we will be working on resolving my issue. I would just suggest updating the website to make it more apparent that they accept private health insurance as that wasn't easy to determine online

Physio InqJuly 10, 2023

Thank you Beth for your lovely review!

We will look into adding this information to our website - thank you for the feedback!

chris Lai
June 19, 2023Google Review

Cathy is the best! She helped me recover from a shoulder injury through her massage and prescribed shoulder exercises!

Physio InqSeptember 16, 2023

Thanks Chris! Awesome to see you doing well!

Abbie Dubin-Rhodin
May 31, 2023Google Review

I've been a patient of both Phoebe (during my pregnancy) and Hannah (post-partum for pelvic floor therapy) and they were both incredible. Phoebe literally kept me upright and walking during my third trimester and Hannah gave me a clear, incredibly effective plan to rehab my pelvic floor after a tough birth. Can't recommend both these legends more highly

Physio InqJune 01, 2023

Thanks Abbie for the great review. It was an absolute pleasure getting to know you and treat you!

Suzanne Dounnia
May 31, 2023Google Review

Phoebe is just wonderful, really gave her time and explains things very well, also very personable.

Physio InqJune 01, 2023

Thank you Suzanne for your lovely review!

Parminder Singh
May 19, 2023Google Review

Very nicely done, they do in-depth analysis of injury

Geoff Agnew
May 14, 2023Google Review

I've been at Physio Inq Marrickville on several occasions to get help with BJJ and running injuries. Both Ricki and Phoebe were very helpful and allowed me to recover and get back to sports quicker.

Physio InqFebruary 14, 2022

Thanks Geoff!

James Lemon
May 11, 2023Google Review

I injured my ankle last year and have had a really difficult time with it since. Two weeks after I first saw Hannah I have already progressed to a point I wasn’t sure I would get to. At this point I expect I will end up with better flexibility than before my injury.

The simple few exercises I was given to take home meant I actually did them rather than getting overwhelmed with a complicated regime.

Very satisfied with my treatment, thank you Hannah

Physio InqMay 11, 2023

Thanks James for your glowing review of Hannah! We're really pleased you've had a great experience with us at Physio Inq Marrickville!

Luke Chapman
April 27, 2023Google Review

I met with Hannah who was fantastic. She took to time to understand my problem/concern and always kept my goal in mind, even when I was not making the progress I wanted.

There was no pressure to continue to book appointments when my problem resolved.

Highly recommended.

Physio InqApril 27, 2023

Thank you, Luke, for your positive feedback! We are pleased that Hannah was able to help you reach your goal!

hanna hijazi
April 18, 2023Google Review

Amazing and professional staff. Special shout-out to Roukaya. She has brought me such a long way after an ACL and meniscal surgery. With so much care and her in-depth knowledge made this journey so much easier for me. Couldn’t recommend enough 🙏🏼

Physio InqApril 18, 2023

Thanks so much Hanna for your glowing review of Ricki! It's great to hear you are so pleased with your care at Physio Inq Marrickville and that you are on the road to recovery. Well done!

Kieran Bowles
April 17, 2023Google Review

Physio Inq Marrickville is outstanding! Great setup and the best team around.

Ricki is extremely attentive, thorough, and knowledgeable. She took great care to understand my issue and develop a tailored plan that perfectly addressed the actual problem. Took time to follow up between sessions and made sure everything was going ok. Couldn’t be happier. Highly recommend.

Physio InqApril 17, 2023

Thank you Kieran for such a lovely review!

Ella Beer
March 27, 2023Google Review

The most positive experience I’ve ever had with a physiotherapist! Hannah was really lovely and helpful, and my ankle feels better than it has in a really long time.

Physio InqMarch 28, 2023

Thank you Ella for a great review! We are so pleased you had a good experience with Hannah!

Dinah Constantine
March 22, 2023Google Review

I recently saw Ricky for lower back pain and she was excellent! Highly professional, thorough and caring. She even followed up with me after hours to see how I was feeling. Her treatment has helped my back feel much better and I will definitely be returning for more sessions when needed. Highly recommend this practice!

Physio InqMarch 22, 2023

Thank you Dinah! We are so pleased you had a good experience with Ricki!

Johannie Steyn
February 14, 2023Google Review

Just a wonderful experience! I have been struggling with my tennis elbow for a whole year, and after seeing Hannah at Physio Inc Marrickville, I have felt massive relief from pain and improvement on moving and using my arm within 3 weeks.

Hannah was very kind and listened to my needs. I would recommend her to anyone!

Physio InqFebruary 15, 2023

Thank you Johannie for your review! We are glad to hear you had a good experience with us and that Hannah was able to help improve your elbow pain! 😊

Debbie Fox
February 10, 2023Google Review

Lisa is amazing all my family go to her

Physio InqFebruary 10, 2023

Thanks for the great feedback Debbie, we'll make sure to let Lisa know how much she is appreciated!

Robert Lindsay
February 07, 2023Google Review

A very professional excellent service and friendly helpful staff.

Physio InqFebruary 10, 2023

Thanks for the lovely feedback Robert, we're glad you had a great experience!

robert wilkins
January 23, 2023Google Review

Have seen both Phoebe and Hanna and both have done a great job with my recovery.

Physio InqJanuary 24, 2023

Thank you Robert for your lovely review!

Katherine Page
January 13, 2023Google Review

Phoebe is amazing, super knowledgeable, very thorough, life changing!

Physio InqJanuary 16, 2023

Thank you Kate for such a lovely review!

David Stevens
November 17, 2022Google Review

The team here are fantastic, professional and even willing to laugh at my attempts at humor. I had multiple sessions and credit a large part of my return to previous ability after an injury to Phoebe and her guidance in my recovery process. I highly recommend them.

Physio InqDecember 08, 2022

Thanks David, for your kind words. It was great working with you!

Peter Ryan
October 20, 2022Google Review

Phoebe is exceptionally knowledgeable and dedicated, highly recommend!!

Physio InqOctober 20, 2022

Thank you Peter!

Jimy Changho o
October 04, 2022Google Review


Physio InqOctober 05, 2022

Thanks Jimy

September 30, 2022Google Review

I originally saw Phoebe for pre-natal treatment at her previous clinic and was so happy that she had set up clinic in Marrickville. I see Phoebe for post natal treatment. Phoebe is amazing and her assessment, treatment and care for her patients is above and beyond. I would highly recommend Physio Inq to family and friends

Physio InqOctober 04, 2022

We're really pleased you've had a great experience with us! Thank you for your lovely review.

Lauren Gleeson
September 18, 2022Google Review

Taryn, the women's health physio, is excellent. Would highly recommend for any mum to visit post birth for a check up.

Physio InqSeptember 18, 2022

Thanks for the great feedback Lauren! 🙂

Jacqueline Serkowski
August 20, 2022Google Review

My partner and I started Phoebe at her previous clinic. Despite my partner and I moving further away we have followed Phoebe to her new clinic at Marrickville for both physio and clinical Pilates.

Phoebe is one of those rare physiotherapists that genuinely cares about your recovery. Phoebe takes a holistic approach to treatment, taking the time to understand you as a person, tailoring her advice and exercises to make sure that your recovery is manageable and works.

Physio InqAugust 22, 2022

Thank you Jacqueline for such a lovely review! It's always a pleasure to see you in the clinic 😊

August 06, 2022Google Review

Been attending Physio Inq Spearwood for several months now. Cathy fixed my initial problem in just 2 sessions. Blew me away completely because other Physio’s had been trying to do it for years. Now attend weekly Pilates for strengthening and maintenance. Can’t recommend highly enough.

Physio InqAugust 07, 2022

So glad we have been able to help! Thanks for the lovely feedback

Anya Grichina
August 01, 2022Google Review

Phoebe is an absolute life saver! I had literally crawled into her consulting room in pain from a sporting injury. Not only she got me back in training as quickly as possible, but I came back stronger than ever. She is so thorough and everything she does is designed just for you, very specific with your goal in mind. I feel so lucky she moved to Marrickville right in time for me to put my back out 😊

Physio InqAugust 01, 2022

Thank you, Anya, for your positive feedback; it’s really appreciated. We are so happy to see you reach your goals! And thank you for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment.

Damon Carter
July 27, 2022Google Review

Good on ya team

Physio InqJuly 27, 2022

=) Thanks Damon

July 22, 2022Google Review
Ramkumar Ramagopalan
July 19, 2022Google Review

Had my first physio session at this centre. Amazingly taken care by Rhiannon.

Madhu Vimal
July 13, 2022Google Review

very positive and experienced physiotherapist. I would highly recommend this place. You can see the difference in weeks time.

David Bay
July 10, 2022Google Review

Professional and friendly treatment with great care and explanations

Physio InqJuly 11, 2022

Thanks David! Glad you had a great experience

Mina Baselyous
July 08, 2022Google Review

Overall, great experience with Rhiannon treating sore muscles and tendons in the knee area. First time to experience dry needling which helped remedy tight muscles. Would recommend to my network.

Tom Murphy
June 17, 2022Google Review

4 weeks away from the birth of my second child, I decided to injure my back. Danielle did an incredible job to get me functioning, parenting and crossfitting again. Great chat, too 👍

Physio InqJuly 05, 2022

Thanks Tom! Great to hear you're feeling better and congrats on your new baby girl!

Kelsey Halpin-Smyth
June 06, 2022Google Review

In the few appointments I’ve had, I’ve already had a huge decrease in pain and discomfort.

Danielle has been so friendly and helpful and is really knowledgeable. She explains everything in detail and makes sure I understand before I leave the appointment. :)

Physio InqJune 08, 2022

Thanks Kelsey, we’re so happy to hear that you had a good experience!

barry quinn
June 06, 2022Google Review

Danielle has been a huge help over the past month, not only helping to overcome injury, but also identifying some contributing factors and providing a plan to reduce the risk of similar injury in future. Recommended

Physio InqJune 08, 2022

We really appreciate the positive feedback Barry!

Lisa Walker
June 03, 2022Google Review

I called Danielle after hurting my back last week. Danielle was able to help ease my soreness immediately with some treatment and gave me some advice on best sleeping position.

Thanks Danielle 🙂 I’m feeling so much better

Physio InqJune 03, 2022

Thanks Lisa, we’re so happy to hear that Danielle could help you out.

Lauren Williams
June 03, 2022Google Review

I have been seeing Danielle for an ankle injury from playing soccer. Her knowledge and experience of sport on top of physio, has assisted in the classification and swift management of my injury. She’s passionate about her job and makes you feel very comfortable from the moment you walk in. I’d highly recommend her to anyone!

Physio InqJune 03, 2022

Thanks so much for your super positive feedback! It’s really appreciated. We also love Danielle's passion for what she does.

Michelle Durkan
May 23, 2022Google Review

I could not rate the team at PhysioInq Marrickville any more! Phoebe and Danielle are absolutely lovely and so good at what they do!

As my main physio, Danielle has been an absolute legend, assessing my injury, giving me realistic timelines for recovery, checking in each week, giving me exercises and tracking my progress the whole time! Injuring yourself can be quite scary and debilitating, but throughout my whole experience, I have felt like I have made progress each week, making me feel at ease that I'll be back on my feet in no time! Thank you Danielle!

Physio InqMay 23, 2022

Thank you for your review Michelle - we are so glad you are recovering well from your injury! We also think Danielle is an absolute legend 😊.

Luke Coffey
April 13, 2022Google Review

Phoebe is absolutely, hands down, the best physio I've ever seen. And I've seen a lot.

Physio InqApril 26, 2022

Thank you for the lovely review Luke!

Stefanie Wee
March 15, 2022Google Review

Was referred after an accident. Traci and Cathy are amazing, really patient and professional and have helped lots already.

Physio InqMarch 16, 2022

Thank you so much Stefanie! Glad we can help!

March 03, 2022Google Review

Phoebe is an amazing Physiotherapist! She is able to get to the root cause of the problem and resolve it with her high level of technical skills. She listens to what the patient is saying and asks relevant questions to get the best result. I couldn't recommend her highly enough.

Physio InqMarch 14, 2022

Thanks Jules! It was great having you in the clinic the other day :)

K B (ケイ)
February 22, 2022Google Review
Physio InqMarch 17, 2022


January 29, 2022Google Review

Phoebe was great , I needed an urgent appointment because I drive for work and was struggling turning my neck ! She was able to see me quickly and post my first appointment I was so relieved and able to drive easily again.

I liked that she not just treated the immediate problem but also gave me advice to prevent the same problem reoccurring and gave easy exercises too! Highly skilled , professional and very kind. Thank you

Physio InqJanuary 30, 2022

Thank you Tracey! I am glad to hear that you've had a positive experience!

Deepa Doyle
January 11, 2022Google Review

I highly recommend Phoebe at Physio Inq Marrickville. I have been seeing Phoebe for a couple of years firstly at Alexandria and now at her brand new clinic. Phoebe takes the time to discuss your situation and understand your lifestyle before treating you. Her treatment is quick and efficient and resolves the issue immediately. I have seen other physios that spend an hour plus with creams and machines but not Phoebe. She gets straight in there for immediate relief. She also gives you suggested stretches and exercises to do at home to prolong the treatment. The new clinic at Marrickville is a beautiful space and Phoebe herself is a lovely person and amazing to deal with. I would not go anywhere else.

Physio InqJanuary 11, 2022

Thank you Deepa for those kind words. I'm so glad to hear that you've had such a positive experience!

roger berman
January 07, 2022Google Review

Pheobe is a great physio. She is very knowledgeable and caring on her approach. Always willing to help and has a caring touch.

Physio InqJanuary 07, 2022

Thank you for your kind words Roger!

Karen Stern
January 07, 2022Google Review

Highly recommended!!

Phoebe is an excellent physio!

I came to her initially in desperation with pain and not being able to get an appointment at my usual place.

Not only did she make the time for me, but she picked up on many issues that had gone unnoticed previously which impacted my injury.

Phoebe has been beyond professional and always friendly, smiling and accommodating.

Highly recommend Physio Inq Marrickville!

Physio InqJanuary 07, 2022

Thanks Karen! You’re always a pleasure to treat. Glad to be able to help.

Jocelyn Tukuafu
October 22, 2021Google Review

Neil has been incredible in correcting the root of the problem; with my knee and back. He is very knowledgeable and I would recommend him to anyone.

Ash Ilsley
October 20, 2021Google Review

Neil is absolutely incredible, has been such a huge help and would recommend to everyone

Jitendra Deore
October 18, 2021Google Review
Rebecca Archer
August 30, 2021Google Review

Wouldn't take my family or send my friends anywhere else. Cathy is magic and her team are great.

Physio InqAugust 31, 2021

Thanks Bec! =)

Bradley Lane
August 21, 2021Google Review
Deb Cobley
May 12, 2021Google Review

Cathy and her team are friendly and experienced. Helped me many times. Thank you.

Physio InqMay 12, 2021

Thanks Deb! Always a pleasure!

Ashley Saunders
March 18, 2021Google Review

I highly recommen Physio Inc Cranbourne. Yulia Khasayanova fixed my knee and I am so happy! I have been having knee problems for quite some time and now I can finally do things without worrying about being painful. Thank you so much Yulia! If you are looking for a wonderful physiotherapist that knows her stuff I would highly recommend you book in with Yulia.

Physio InqMarch 19, 2021

Thanks so much for your glowing review Ashley.

Lauren Davis
October 28, 2020Google Review

Very recently I needed to find a physio for a range of unsuspecting issues, I can definitely say that trying out Physio Inq in Manning answered my calls and within such quick time frames! I have seen both David and Kathy - who both ensured complete professionalism whilst also making the appointment as comfortable as possible, they strived to engage and understand where and why I was in pain and gave some great at home techniques to support healing between visits.

My only regret is not finding them any earlier tucked within the wonderful little community! Thank you all for your hard work 😁

Physio InqOctober 28, 2020

Thanks Lauren, so glad we could help!! =)

Jo Stegena
October 13, 2020Google Review

Professional and thorough. Good COVID and general hygiene practices as well as excellent front desk staff.

Physio InqOctober 28, 2020

Thanks Jo!!

Jackie G
July 24, 2020Google Review
Physio InqSeptember 16, 2023

Thanks Jackie

Eric Xu
July 22, 2020Google Review
Michael Moody
July 12, 2020Google Review

Excellent service and.they do care. They know their stuff. Very knowledgeable and experienced team of physios who share their knowledge to ensure patients get the best care possible.

Physio InqJuly 12, 2020

Thanks Michael!!

Kelly Faulkner
April 06, 2020Google Review

Could not reccomend this place more highly! I had a lower back flare and not only did I feel very well assessed but they also did dry needling as well as some magic electrical stimulation through the needles which was just amazing! This left me capable of looking after my two young children and reduced my pain dramatically!

Physio InqJuly 12, 2020

Thanks Kelly - so glad we could help!!!

Michelle Denver
March 18, 2020Google Review
Physio InqMarch 18, 2020

Thanks Michelle!

Deb Turner
August 17, 2019Google Review

Fantastic service. Best physio in WA.

Physio InqMarch 09, 2020

Thanks Deb!

Kristie Clarke
August 15, 2019Google Review
Richard Allpike
June 22, 2019Google Review

I'm healed!

Gregory Paul Stinson
May 02, 2019Google Review

I was well impressed with Manning Physiotherapy. They saw me straight away.

All staff were friendly and they laughed at my joke about my only allergy being housework.

Good quality banter and great quality treatment. Thank you.

Gary Allpike
February 07, 2019Google Review

Nice people!

Pankaj Chandra
January 27, 2019Google Review
Chris McMullen
December 28, 2018Google Review
Patrick hoey
November 25, 2018Google Review

Good friendly service very helpful with my problems

Penny Mirabito
September 03, 2018Google Review
Michael Waring
August 29, 2018Google Review

Fantastic place! Cathy is an EXCELLENT physio!!

Simon Walliker
April 01, 2018Google Review

Clare was knowledgeable and identified a misdiagnosis. Due to this significant improvements have occurred. Yes I recommend Clear Physiotherapy.

Krysten Pierre
March 29, 2018Google Review

Clear Physiotherapy is amazing!! Clare always goes above and beyond to make sure my issues are treated and that my down time is minimal! Clare will always go out of her way to check in and see how I am going post treatment which I really appreciate. I could not recommend Clear Physiotherapy highly enough!!

Blaise de Silva
March 28, 2018Google Review

Clare accurately diagnosed the root cause of the problem I went to see her about. After only three visits there has been a tremendous improvement. She provides you with an easy to use exercise program app for mobiles (includes reminders and videos).If you're looking for a physio I would highly recommend Claire.

Rosie Smith
March 28, 2018Google Review

I love the relationship that I have developed with Clare! Clare has helped me with strange niggles that I have developed from training. Clare explained what was happening with my injury and also showed me a different way of approaching exercises to make my body stronger. She encouraged me to continue training, she followed up on how I was going & has since been there when I need her advice. I like the fact that she thinks outside the square. I would definitely recommend Clare.

Natalie Wirth
March 28, 2018Google Review

Clare has been treating me for my injuries for a number of years. She has a fantastic way of assessing problems and alleviating associated pain. She also talks to me about ways to better manage the side effects of life with chronic pain, at home. Her treatment plans are simple to do, and I appreciate her knowledge, and understanding of time restraints, in developing these plans. Clare is very professional and supportive of the wellbeing of her clients.

Matthew Robinson
March 27, 2018Google Review

Claire is a treasure. She helped me with a few niggling issues in my back & knees. Her treatment was very thorough, we did a lot of assessment and used some wonderful new devices to measure what was going on. The treatment plans helped me a lot. I was able to make significant improvement quickly. I recommend Claire to everyone that needs a professional and compassionate physio. She is great at her job and is a gun athlete as well.

Stefanie Overton
March 27, 2018Google Review

Love my treatments with Clare, I have formed a great relationship and feel she always listens to my needs/issues when I visit. Exercises are simple and easy to complete and not to time consuming. Clare also takes into account everyday life and is all for keeping up with daily tasks and not limiting things.

March 26, 2018Google Review
Luke Goodin
July 02, 2017Google Review


Physio InqMarch 28, 2018

Hi Luke, I have check my records and cannot find any record of you being a patient at Clear Physiotherapy. Did you have an average experience when you visited the clinic

I look forward to hearing about your experience.

Houst Houst
June 29, 2017Google Review
A google user
July 25, 2016Google Review

Thank you for fixing my back. I will be recommending you to my family and friends...

Family Calendar
February 17, 2016Google Review

Thank you Manning Physio, easy appointment, fixed my back in 2 treatments.

Much appreciated!

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