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Welcome to Local Health Services Australia, your trusted partner in building a healthy community. With a focus on high-quality service and customer satisfaction, we strive to enhance the lives of individuals residing Australia-wide.

NDIS and HCP Specialists

At Local Health Services Australia, we specialise in providing Therapeutic and Home Care services to individuals on the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) and HCP (Home Care Package). Our dedicated team ensures there are no wait times, enabling us to promptly address the needs of our valued clients.

Unmatched Support in Rural Areas

We take pride in our ability to extend our support to rural areas, as no place is too far away for us. Our commitment to reaching communities beyond city limits allows us to serve individuals all over Australia.

Certified and Trained Staff

Rest assured that all our staff members are highly trained and certified professionals. We prioritise the well-being of our clients and guarantee that our team is equipped with the necessary expertise to deliver exceptional support services.

Therapeutic Support Services for NDIS Customers

Local Health Services Australia specialises in providing therapeutic support services that greatly benefit NDIS customers and disabled individuals across Australia. Our comprehensive range of therapeutic interventions is designed to improve the quality of life and foster personal growth for those in need.

Allied Health Services Tailored to Your Needs

With our team of skilled allied healthcare professionals, we are dedicated to delivering top-notch home care services to both the NDIS community and seniors. Our meticulous approach ensures that each client is assigned a specialist who will work closely with them to achieve their objectives, empowering them to lead fulfilling lives.

Join us in our mission to create a healthier community. Contact Local Health Services Australia today for reliable, compassionate, and customised support services. Together, let's make a positive difference in the lives of individuals seeking assistance and care.

Available services

  • Employment Services

  • Home Maintenance

  • Home Modifications

  • Nursing Services

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Physiotherapy

  • Social Activities

  • Speech Therapy

  • Support Work

  • Transport

Ratings & Reviews

Jessica Shaba
March 08, 2023Google Review

Great support and great staff!

Candice Fernandes
March 07, 2023Google Review


jacinta kumar
March 07, 2023Google Review

I have had an exceptional experience with Local Health Services Australia. They have a wide variety of services available for NDIS clients and aged care support.

Natalie Lazar
March 06, 2023Google Review
Hates Spam
November 29, 2022Google Review

Absolutely pathetic!

Don't bother with this company, they seem to be in it for the money and if you don't ask for enough hours of assistance, they won't bother helping you, or even let you know the hours aren't enough - They let you sit in the dark waiting.

Just another NDIS money scamming company who is pathetic at their job!

Very disappointing from an organisation that is "SUPPOSED" to help people.

(UPDATE 29-11-22) You are right, I have never used your service, I requested in writing for you to delete my details from your system, after your staff were 100% incompetent and didn't communcate effectively and conveniently your staff contacted me days ago (over 1 year after this review)... How did you get my email if you didn't have it still on your system

Why are my details still on your system

Why did you not get back to me in writing like I requested and you said you would stating my details have been removed from your system Seema Mishra

P.s. Anyone who uses this company, keep an eye out and see if you notice you being spammed, by spam calls more often - Conveniently weeks after giving my details to this company (before they proved to be useless and I cancelled their services) I started to get lots of spam calls - Could be a coincidence, or it could be them selling your details on the black market for additional profits...

The lack of professionalism makes me think they might just be this scummy to sell people's details online as well as keeping information they don't have a right to keep!

Local Health Services AustraliaDecember 02, 2021

According to our database and record you are not one of our client. We have not serviced you ever. Please don't write this kind to reviews on our page else you will here from our company lawyers. We are very passionate about all our clients and we always provide them with excellent service. You can check our pervious reviews.

anju Neelam
June 20, 2022Google Review

Very happy with the service you providing. Good customer service and very punctual to assist. Our community needs these services. Highly recommend to my families & friends.

Local Health Services AustraliaAugust 05, 2022

We're glad that our services have helped you recover. We thrive on building a healthy community for all individuals and aim at providing high-quality health services to our clients. Your review means a lot to us and is a testimony of the efforts we put in towards each of our clients.

tua avatiu
March 15, 2021Google Review

Very Happy with LHSA they are much better than Sunnyvale my last Provider whom I had for 7 years only now have I realised since changing and meeting Sam my life is getting much better

I recommend that you meet Sam

He really is a Genuine Man and nothing is too much trouble for him.

He has connected me with Anita a Fantastic carer whom has the same interests as me

Roslyn Longstaff
November 29, 2020Google Review

Sam (NDIS Client Manager) LHSA is very thorough and helpful right from the outset of the enquiry, ensuring professional support at all time. Definitely recommend.

Lori Bossard
November 24, 2020Google Review

My experience with LHSA has been nothing but exepler.

All and any requests have been met with ease and never a oroblem.

Sam has been our primary contact and has dealt with my husband without question ,

And services he has connected us with have been quick and above anything we could have

Asked for.

I would and have recommended LHSA to other contacts with full reassurance including safety care responsibility and politeness towards both myself and my husband.


Lori Bossard

Peter Bridgewater
November 23, 2020Google Review

Best worker I have for a few months this company

Dirk Bossard
November 18, 2020Google Review

My Wife Lori is a 'Stroke Survivor' and in a Wheelchair. We were facing a very difficult future getting her to her Doctors appointments just for starters.

We learned of Local Health Services Australia while browsing the list of N.D.I.S. Providers.

L.H.S.A. came VERY highly recommended to us.

Local Health Services Australia bring their A-Game to the Table when you agree to contract their Services. L.H.S.A. has everything from help around the house[including lawncare] to community access and more.

I would be unable to find or recommend a better or more personable Company.

Local Health Services Australia take the time to get to know you by name and they are meticulous planners. If you are someone who needs top notch services without getting put off then Local Health Services Australia is for you.

You will not regret it ☺️

Sarbin Shrestha
November 18, 2020Google Review

I am very happy with the service they provided me. Very friendly and helpful people

Highly recommend.....

Krittika Kingkaew
November 14, 2020Google Review

great service

Karen Darby
November 06, 2020Google Review
Tesfaye Feyissa
November 05, 2020Google Review
seema mishra
November 02, 2020Google Review
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