Eternal Disability Care

About this provider

Eternal disability care is registered NDIS Provider approved for delivering Complex and high care needs. We expertise in providing group home across Australia. Eternal disability care is accredited with NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission. NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission No: 4-GJASYGI.

Eternal Disability Care offers all-inclusive support services that will help you live independently in a shared space. You can develop the necessary capabilities required to accomplish day-to-day tasks and household activities with our 24*7 assistance. All the houses meet SIL Guidelines of NDIS Quality and Safeguards commission.

Available services

  • Nursing Services

  • Respite Accommodation

  • Shared Accommodation

  • Social Activities

  • Support Coordination

  • Support Work

  • Supported Accommodation

  • Transport

Ratings & Reviews

Unfazed Alex
July 26, 2023ā€¢Google Review

Staff are friendly and very easy to communicate with. Support and overall care is of a high quality! You guys are the best in the field. šŸ™šŸ»

Lewis Collins
April 08, 2023ā€¢Google Review

Awesome šŸ˜€

Keshav Sharma
December 14, 2022ā€¢Google Review
Joshua Lillis
October 23, 2022ā€¢Google Review

They got very high quality houses at very cheap rent and most staff are friendly enough, I have been living in one for quite some time and get along with the staff

Also very charitable Nepalese people and think the only thing they could improve in is talking to the clients and empowering them in their own way seeing their more positive

And helping them achieve their most amazing self by empowering them

To live a more independent life

And all and all o think they are a great company for the most part

šŸ™āœØšŸŒˆšŸŒ ā›ˆļøšŸ¦‰šŸ’–

Achyuta Keshava Das
July 23, 2022ā€¢Google Review

A very rude and arrogant manager who runs the company. Found them ridiculously insensitive and cold; Iā€™m shocked that organisations like this still provide care in the disability industry. Disgusted by their cold and business-minded approach.

Eternal Disability CareAugust 07, 2023

We have naver spoken with this person.

Gam gautam
May 07, 2022ā€¢Google Review
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