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Carer Solutions Australia is a leading provider of payroll services and plan management. With our support, people living with disability can employ their own support workers, putting the power back into their hands and allowing them to run their own lives.

Since 2011, it has been our vision to support and co-create a life full of choice and control for people living with disability. We refer to our customers as our Partners, and we work alongside them to create this life through collaborative relationships emanating from a place of genuine heart, authenticity and trust.

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  • Plan Management

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April 11, 2017Third Party Review

Carer Solutions allows us to choose our own support workers so we no longer have to worry about a stranger turning up for a shift. The employment process is simple and Carer Solutions provide all the paperwork which they promptly process as soon as it is submitted. It is great to have control over who supports my daughter and the flexibility to meet care needs when they arise by discussing directly with workers rather than an agency and hoping the worker they send will be suitable. Past experience with agencies has been very disappointing so for us Carer Solutions has been the best decision we made. I highly recommend Carer Solutions to anyone who prefers to choose their own workers and wants a dependable company to take care of salaries and related details for them.

October 18, 2016Third Party Review

Fantastic organisation that allows me to choose and employ my own carers, but does the paperwork! It has great personalised customer service and carers can easily submit timesheets online.

August 23, 2016Third Party Review

I haven't been using them very long, but so far they've been very approachable - when I rang originally they were very quick to respond and see me, even though I'm in Geelong. That was very important to me; to get support quickly when I needed it.

June 30, 2016Third Party Review

Carer Solutions I have used previously and have been happy with what they offer. I knew one of the founders before they started with the Carer Solutions business.

What they offer is an important service leading into the NDIS where people can still employ their own workers but not take on the responsibility of the payroll taxes and superannuation, which a lot of families do not want to do, they do want the flexibility of employing their own staff and organisations like Carer Solutions give families this option.

Carer Solutions are doing a good job or promoting themselves everywhere you go and by word of mouth they are getting a good reputation.

Well done to them.

May 19, 2016Third Party Review

What a great service. Takes all the hassle out of directly employing support workers by dealing with all the related admin. Responsive and easy to deal with.

Doing things our way
May 19, 2016Third Party Review

CSA became the solution to employing someone we already know and trust to do something with our NDIS participant. We had tried/explored other options but none of them quite fit both the workers needs and ours. But CSA came to the party, they understood what we were looking for and why we didn't need all the bells and whistles of formal checks and qualifications for a person we already know. We got signed up and it's working really smoothly. They were personable and helpful in the early stages and we've had no issues since. All good!

April 25, 2016Third Party Review

Love the 'no work' component and flexibility. Love the newsletter. Just would like some courtesy from the admin staff who sometimes don't answer emails or own up when they are wrong about an invoice.

April 08, 2016Third Party Review

The team is really organised, the only reason I gave them 4 is that I think they could educate their employers as in the people who we look after about OH&S

April 07, 2016Third Party Review

I find the professionalism and attention to detail in regard to the processing of wages for the staff I have engaged to be exceptional. I also like the regular updates and notifications of important information.

March 07, 2016Third Party Review

I heard about Carer Solutions Aus from a Slow to Recover Client Advisor.

We had been struggling for years in US having to recruit workers for our existing traditional agencies. The recruitment was not the struggle bit as it was our choice, mind you I think we have had about 5 workers over the years that were our wrong choices. However it became the norm for these traditional agencies to leave it to us to recruit and then they just took all the funded amount for the hours of work. The CSA partnership between the PWD and staff becomes closer as well and there has been less incidences of ringing at last minute in being sick. Rosters are negotiated.

I have been extremely happy with CSA and the savings allows our funding dollar to stretch further. It is a real partnership and yes it is client centred as our Therapy team train our workers to client specific care. I don't even worry about have previously trained workers as one only has to listen to the short cuts in that training, unlearn the training that has occurred and retrain to our needs. I regularly read articles regarding Acquired Brain Injury, forward them on and upskill our staff.

February 15, 2016Third Party Review

I self manage supports on behalf of my brother. CSA has given us the flexibility and freedom to choose how best to spend funding dollars and employ suitable carers. CSA came to meet with us and explained everything. They made it really easy.

July 15, 2015Third Party Review

I use Carer Solutions Australia as my 2nd Agency, because they treat you AND your support workers as adults and don't have numerous rules and regulations that many support workers "bend" anyway, as they WANT to support you in a common-sense way. They also allow YOU or your family members to train carers on the job IF you are comfortable with this - all they require for a worker to work with you is a "Police Check" and a first-aid certificate, I think.

I use a large agency for my personal care agency because they have a large pool of workers to draw on and because I happen to LIKE the workers I have at the moment - one has been with me for 9 years, the other 3 - I tend to 'keep' my workers.

However, with CSA, because they allow you and your workers to negotiate times, etc. have less admin costs than the large agency and therefore I can pay my workers a little more than the award wage - which I am very glad to do...

Lastly, CSA's timesheets are Great. They don't expect your timesheets to be submitted on the Friday BEFORE the fortnight ends - which creates real headaches when workers have to report to Centrelink as well. They give themselves TWO days for the timesheets to be in - they are scanned by me and sent by e-mail - and the support workers are paid by Thursday. If we don’t get the timesheets by in 6.00 pm Tuesday, the support workers have to wait till the next fortnight. So WE are responsible for our support workers and they are responsible for us. That makes us “givers” as well as “takers’’.

All in all, I give CSA five stars...

I hope this help people think about CSA. I know parents of adult children with ID often want workers who are not “trained” by the “system. They want people who will RELATE to their children. I have seen too many support workers just talking to themselves when taking groups out, because neither party has been given the skills in “relating”, if you like. Always disturbs me when I see this…

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