About this provider

breakthru is a national not-for-profit organisation providing a range of supports and services for people who have mental health, employment, disability, homelessness and training needs.

Available services

  • Behavioural Support

  • Employment Services

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Psychology

  • Social Activities

  • Speech Therapy

  • Support Coordination

  • Support Work

  • Supported Accommodation

  • Transport

Ratings & Reviews

October 18, 2018Third Party Review

Break Thru is brilliant. My son's worker would come out & spend 1:1 time and things are transitioning under NDIS so I hope we can keep this work. The last worker wasn't a good fit.

Hien Nguyen
May 11, 2018Third Party Review

Breakthru helped me a lot planning for NDIS.

A worker take me out every week. Go to the city, go out to have coffee

May 01, 2018Third Party Review

breakthru support coordinators are great navigators in the world of disability services. I have had experience with a couple and they really go above and beyond and know when to get tough with other services when they need to. They kept me up to date with what was going on and I would like more of that thanks!

May 17, 2017Third Party Review

They're good, coz they help you in the area you want to work. They are helping me find a job and to get into courses and get a job and get work experience. They've helped me write a resume and find the right courses.

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