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School Leaver Employment Support:


Thinking about your future after school and transitioning into work

The APM Futures team is a registered NDIS provider delivering School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) for participants aged 15 to 22.

We can help you discover a career path that is right for you and help you get the support to make a strong start on your employment journey.

You get the support that's right for you and your needs so we can establish your vocational identity and meet your work goals and aspirations.

Our approach will include various exciting stages in building your capacity for work including training, learning valuable life and workplace skills combined with real work experience.

Whether it’s starting out in a paid job after school, identifying your career aspirations or other vocational goals, we’re dedicated to giving you the confidence and capability to succeed.

Tailored support: finding the right path

The APM Futures School Leaver Employment Supports service is tailored for each participant. We have activities to help build your capacity for employment and prepare for the world of work, instead of just going straight into job searching as soon as school finishes.

Think beyond the classroom:

We want to know your interests, talents, aspirations, and future goals so we can explore where you can go in life and build the service that is right for you.

Our team is dedicated to helping you gain:

- Confidence to plan and prepare for the future

- Skills and knowledge to boost your working potential

- Ideas and aspirations for future careers

- Greater independence

- More connections in your community

- New friendships and professional relationships

We will work with you, usually over a period of two years, delivering supports including:

Establishing a Program of Supports – reviewed every 12 weeks

- A skills and needs assessment

- A service tailored to your goals and aspirations

- Small group support and activities

- Real-world work experience

Through various activities we help with:

- Establishing your vocational identity

- Writing resumes and succeeding in job interviews

- Building key skills including:

- Travelling and transport to and from work

- Understanding workplace expectations

- Time management

- Understanding instructions

- Working with employers and colleagues

- Speaking with customers

- Handling money and budgeting

Finding and Keeping a Job:


We believe everyone should enjoy the benefits of having a meaningful job.

As a registered NDIS provider of employment supports for participants, we can deliver various activities to help you find work or stay in employment.

This support is about building a career pathway and making sure you get the support you need to achieve your job goals.

If you’re working with an Australian Disability Enterprise, we can also help you move into open employment.

With Finding and Keeping a Job in your approved plan, we’ll support you to:

- Explore what work would mean for you

- Manage complex barriers to finding sustainable employment

- Transition from an Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) to open employment

- Develop a career plan by establishing a vocational identity

- Access other capacity building supports which can lead to joining a Disability Employment Service (DES) program

Start working on your future today. If you or someone you know, is an NDIS participant in one of these regions and is interested in their future employment prospects, click Register Now and fill in the details to apply.

We’ll be in touch to check the eligibility requirements and guide you through getting started on the program.

You can also request to join the program APM Futures when your NDIS plan is being reviewed or request a quote from us for employment support funding before a your next planning meeting.

Supports In Employment:


If you have a job but want support to reach other employment goals, the APM Futures team is here to help.

You can access support to help progress and build on your meaningful participation in the workplace.

Our support is tailored to your needs, what you want to achieve and where you want to be.

It could involve help to better communicate with customers and colleagues, manage any disability-related behaviours or assist you in achieving your work goals and aspirations.

As a registered NDIS provider, we can help you access a flexible range of supports for both individuals or groups.

These can include:

- On the job assessments, training, or support with daily work tasks.

- Activities directly related to supporting your ongoing employment.

- Help with complex needs and disability-related behaviors

- Direct supervision or group support to enable meaningful participation in the workplace

Start working on the future today.

The APM Futures team delivers Supports in Employment throughout Australia.

If you, or someone you know, is an NDIS participant and interested in their future employment prospects, click Register Now and fill in the details to apply.

We’ll be in touch to check the eligibility requirements and guide you through getting started.

You can also request to join APM Futures when your NDIS plan is being reviewed or request a quote from us for employment support funding before your next planning meeting.

Available services

  • Employment Services

  • SLES and DES

Ratings & Reviews

June 01, 2018Third Party Review

APM - PEAC (Preparation for Employment and Access to the Community) Program - Epping Victoria

The PEAC program is a hands-on transition to employment program for young people with a disability to get them ready for employment. The program introduces and develops employability skills that are valuable and essential to employers.

The activities modelled in this program are around employability skills such as: teamwork, time management, self-management, communication, and initiative, attention to detail, productivity, learning and adaptability.

The program is a valuable option as a post school destination for students from special schools especially for families located in and around the suburb of Epping, Victoria.

As a Career Adviser and Transition and Pathways Coordinator in a special school setting it is essential programs exist such as this to offer a supportive environment that is tailored to meet the individuals employment goals and is delivered in a variety of locations in both small groups and individual settings. The friendly and supportive staff and the variety of supports delivered in this program to become work-ready is essential for the transition from school to work for students with a disability.

It would be great to see more programs such as this for the inclusion of students with disability as a post school option.

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