Find time and confidence while optimising your plan

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Why use Kismet

Kismet can help you remove excess administration and provides you with transparent information about your plan. Using the Kismet app, you can easily see at a glance how your plan spending is tracking and avoid any overspending that may arise.

Track Spending

Get the most out of your budget by seeing where you are spending and under utilised categories

Easy Invoicing

Easily keep track of your invoices, payments and expenses against your plan

Plan Sharing

Need to share some details of the plan? Retain full control while letting others see only what they need to know


Save time by finding providers that match your goals and needs using our Area Enquiry service

Budget Overview

View optimisation tips on how to get the most out of your health plan and make it work for you. See how you are tracking against each category in your plan.

The Kismet app is incredibly flexible allowing you to structure your budgets in a way that works for you

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Easy to understand finances

Our real time financial information lets you see the finer details around spending within each category and gives the power back to you. No more waiting and hoping that you don't accidentally overspend, easily see at any time.

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Manageable Invoices

Keep all your invoices in one place and never have to worry about finding a paper receipt again. Simply take a photo and upload it directly to the app. Receive reminders when invoices are due so you never miss a payment

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Find providers

Kismet helps you find services nearby so you can get the most out of your plan. Our marketplace makes finding a great quality health partner easy based on real reviews and ratings.

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