What We Build

We create greater access to disability and healthcare services.

Build for everyone.

We connect the physical and digital worlds to help empower greater access to disability and healthcare services at the tap of a button. Because we believe in a world where healthcare should be accessible. So you can live and be with the ones you love longer. In a way that's sustainable for our planet. And regardless of your gender, race, religion, abilities or sexual orientation, we champion your right to access healthcare without fear. We are deeply committed to do the right thing by our customers, local communities and cities, and our incredibly diverse set of international partners

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Kismet's mission is to reimagine the way the world accesses healthcare for the better. Our technology helps us develop and maintain multisided platforms that match consumers looking for care and independent providers of health services.

We've made it our business to help make healthcare accessible. We're not content to sit idly by and wait for others to forge new paths - we want to learn faster than the world around us is changing. In short, change is our constant. We're dedicated to relentless innovation, ensuring our technology stays relevant, easy to use, and easy to scale.

Mat EllisChief Technology Officer
Mat Ellis, Chief Technology Officer
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Designed to help Participants access care.

People are more flexible than ever about where they live and where they require healthcare services. Our health providers offer millions of unique services around the world. Kismet Categories organise them into curated collections that match your specific NDIS plan, with over 30 categories of providers chosen for their service, location or nearby activities.

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We believe that speed of iteration beats quality of iteration, which is why we're not big on bureaucracy. To us, complicated processes and guidelines can kill innovation. We'd rather just stay focused and prioritize ruthlessly.

And in the spirit of transparency, we'll admit that being process-light sometimes invites a little bit of chaos into our everyday. We embrace it. A little bit of chaos forces you to think in new ways, break out of your old patterns. It keeps us fast, focused, and inventive.

Working fast means acting with consent, not consensus. Even if the majority can't come to an agreement, it's important to keep moving, take a chance, and execute.

Stefan CordinerChief Operating Officer
Stefan Cordiner, Chief Operating Officer

Meet the Kismet Participant app

Book healthcare services from your favourite Providers, online or with the Kismet app. The Healthcare Providers will prepare for your visit or come to your home, whatever is best for you.


Find Providers that can meet your support needs. Sort by distance, rating, or price to get the perfect match.


Check Provider profiles in the app to see key facts about your Provider, including ratings, pricing, locations, and services offered.


Submit enquiries and connect with your preferred health Providers. Make bookings and leave reviews after your session.

Simple search

NDIS providers, support workers, and health professionals - oh my! You can easily narrow your search using dates and filters to find an available health provider with the services that match your NDIS plan. Read provider information for more details and pinpoint them on the map to check if they'd be a good fit for you. Not sure what your NDIS plan covers? Browse Kismet Categories—collections based on your NDIS plan (once you connect with PRODA), find unique services, based on location or proximity to you.

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Meet the categories

Finding the right support can be difficult. We've broken our services into sensible categories, so you can quickly narrow in on what you need. No need to dig through menus - the filtering options are always just a fingertip away.

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Easily book

Optometry. Physio. Physchology. Kismet makes it easy to book what you need quickly. Just find the provider you need on the Kismet website or app. Choose a specific city and dates, or browse through all categories. Find a time that suits your schedule and book. With millions of unique health providers around the world, you're destined to find one that has everything you need to help you.

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